15 Female Filmmakers You Should Know

The Bechdel Test Fest is a year-long series of screenings and events running in London and other parts of the UK in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Alison Bechdel's cartoon, 'The Rule', which inspired the Bechdel Test, a yard-stick by which to measure the representation of women on film. A particularly prominent feature of the Bechdel Test Fest's agenda is to expose British audiences to work by female directors not given a proper release in the UK, which has inspired me to compose a quiz highlighting a few of the notable female directors to have emerged in the last 30 years. Another fine opportunity to put your female filmmaker knowledge to the test will come with BTF's Feminist Film Quiz night at East London's Genesis Cinema on September 10th.

'The Rule' (1985) from Alison Bechdel's  Dykes to Watch Out For  comic strip. Bechdel credits her friend Liz Wallace with the idea for the rule.

'The Rule' (1985) from Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip. Bechdel credits her friend Liz Wallace with the idea for the rule.



Coming to British arthouse screens this September, A Girl At My Door provides a rare opportunity for Western audiences to see a Korean female director in action and in so doing become entwined in the unforgiving machinations of small-town Korean society. Bae Doona and Kim Seo-ron each deliver a knock-out performance in another stick of quiet dynamite for 2015, which I'm sincerely grateful to have seen in my old haunt, Chichester's beloved New Park Cinema

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Natalie Dormer distinguishes herself with her first leading role in BBC2's wilfully lurid exploitation of the beloved British costume drama. Even more notable than Dormer's confident performance is the film's ability to be the most lavish, luscious and fetishistic of period dramas, whilst gracefully exemplifying the subjugation of women permitted by British law not 300 years ago.

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